Electronic Cigarettes – A Brief Review

One of the most innovative products these days are electronic cigarettes. This little device resembles the real deal and supplies smokers with their nicotine requirements – only it’s powered by a battery. So, if you’re a smoker and you like to give this innovation a try, read on.

How the Device Works

The elongated body houses all the essential components of the e cigarette to work. The nicotine in liquid form is stored inside the cartridge or mouthpiece. As you inhale through it, the device is activated automatically. Whenever you use it, there’s no switch to turn on or off.

Turning the liquid nicotine into vapor is the atomizer. It’s powered up by a battery, usually the lithium-ion type, which is also within the body. This battery may be recharged for a lot of times. Manufacturers claim that one full charging is good enough to last for three days. But it will also depend on other things, like how often you use it. Check the website www.ecigworld.com.au for more information.

electronic cigarette reviews

Suitable For Smokers Who Like to Quit

The pre-filled cartridge which you may replace is available in varied nicotine contents. Such features can be beneficial especially for smokers who eventually like to get rid of the habit. Going cold turkey can be quite difficult for them, as they need to put up with regular cravings.

In the beginning, you may stick to cartridges with full nicotine strength. After some time, you may switch to those with moderate strength, then to those with low strength. This will enable your body to adjust to the lessening nicotine strength. Eventually, you may go for cartridges with no nicotine in them. fFollow this link for more updates.

A List of the Many Benefits

Using this device makes you feel that you’re actually using a real stick of cigarette. And it’s what makes it a much better option than using nicotine gums or nicotine patches. It also looks exactly like the real thing, so no strange looks will be given to you by strangers when you use it in public.

You may use it just about anywhere you like, at any time at all. That’s because no second hand smoke is emitted. Likewise, there’s no bad odor, ash and butts to leave behind. It’s perfectly fine to use it in public places even where smoking is prohibited. Use it the mall while shopping, or when waiting for the airplane to get to its destination.

You got different choices when it comes to recharging the battery of this innovation. Plug in the charger to a standard outlet when you’re at home. Or you may plug it to the cigarette lighter of your car while you’re stuck in a traffic jam. It may even be recharged using your computer’s USB dock while working.

Although it still contains nicotine, there’s no tobacco in it. But knowing all the side effects of tobacco smoking can bring, who needs it anyway? Tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 toxic substances. And some of these are carcinogens, according to experts. Carcinogens are substances that can trigger cancer development.

There are other benefits to using electronic cigarettes. There’s no accidentally burning of furniture pieces, couch, carpet or clothes to worry about. There’s no smoker’s breath or stained teeth to put up with. A single stick is the same as having an entire pack with you, so it’s very compact.

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