Electronic cigarette comparison online-Which e-cig is the best?


Electronic cigarettes in Australia are getting really popular. There are getting more and more different types of the e-cig every day, but how do we know which e-cig is the best ones to buy in the cities of Australia? Here are the top three different e-cig that are best rated in Australia, that you can buy online from any city in Australia.


In Australia, Social Lites e-cig was voted as the best electronic cigarette in Australia. The flavor and vapor were voted as the best among all the other e-cigs in Australia. Social – Lites electronic cigarettes produced a large amount of vapor that will let you feel if you are using the real cigarette. All the reviews of the Social- Lite e-cig are just good comments and all of the users of this e-cig recommend this type for everyone who wants to buy an e-cig

Social- Lite is very cost effective, and after you have bought the starter kit, you only need to replace the cartridges. The Social- Lite cartridges come in a variety of different flavors like, tobacco, menthol, cherry, vanilla and many other types of flavors. If you love smoking many different kinds of flavors, and with the nicotine flavor, you will not find another e-cig than the Social – Lites variety of cigarettes.

Green smoke AU

The Green smoke AU is the second best electric cigarette inAustralia that is quite popular. The Green Smoke AU also produces a good amount of vapor and has a full and good taste. The only downside about this e –cig is the fact that their cartridges are a bit more expensive than some of the other e-cigs.

Green smoke AU is a high quality e-cig with good flavors. This might not be the cheapest option e –cig, but with a high quality product like this, you can’t go wrong buying the Green smoke AU. Except for the fact that Green Smoke AU is not cheap at all, there is no reason why we can’t recommend this e-cig.


VapeKing e-cigfromAustraliais the third best e-cig that you can buy in Australia. There are good reviews about this e –cig, but there are also some bad reviews about this e-cig. The price of the VapeKing is affordable, but the quality and the ease of use make this e-cig less popular.

The good thing about the VapeKing is the fact that there is a large amount of flavors for this type of e-cig. The VapeKing do have a high volume of flavor and it let’s you feel if you are really smoking a real cigarette.

Testers of these three e-cig that compare them, found that for the best flavor and quality, the Social-Lites are better. And for the easy to use e-cig, the VapeKing is the less easy to use. If you want a nicotine flavor available, you must buy the Social-Lite. They are the only brand that has the nicotine flavor. With these comparisons, you can decide for yourself, which of thesee-cigs in Australia is the one for you.

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