E-Cigarettes: The Australian Smoking Laws You Need To Know

There are more people today looking at vaping e-cig in Victoria. The numbers seem to be on the rise however electronic cigarettes do seem to be very popular for many reasons. However, recently there have been some changes to the rules and guidelines of the smoking laws in Western Australia. This hasn’t come as a big shock to those who smoke and those who use e-cigarettes but what are the changes? What are the smoking laws in Australia that you need to know.

Recent Court Rulings

Only a few months ago, a court ruled that all electronic cigarettes could not be sold or advertise in Australia. This meant that any company who wanted to sell these products, they could not have any nicotine contained within them. These new rules have caused a great deal of stress for many companies as well as those who wish to use e-cigarettes in Victoria (VIC). It is now illegal to sell electronic cigarettes with nicotine.

Smokers Can Still Get E-Cigs

However, those who wish to use electronics cigarette in Australia can still use e-cigs but there will be some restrictions such as;

• Electronic Cigarettes Must Be Purchased Online Or In Pharmacies.
• Users Can Purchase Non-Nicotine Based E-Cigs.
• Those Wishing To Look At Nicotine Based E-Cigs Must Purchase

From Companies Overseas.

These are really the basics of laws and regulations you need to know when it comes to using electronic cigarettes in Australia. However, it would be best to look at these in more detail.

You Can Look At Local Pharmacies

To be honest, if you do look at non-nicotine based e-cigs, you probably could find these at local pharmacies. You can easily find these but the cost can be a little more expensive however if you are looking to make the transfer from tobacco to electronic then these can be good. Local pharmacies however won’t have any nicotine products which can be a little off-putting because quitting smoking can be difficult and basically going cold turkey from nicotine to nothing can be difficult. Vaping e-cig in Victoria can help you however to avoid smoking real cigarettes.

No Advertisement on Television or Radio

The new smoking rules also ensure that no advertisement of these electronics cigarette in Australia can be shown. This not only includes radio and television but also there is to be no advertising in stores as well. If you were to head down to your local supermarket or convenience store, you would not see any packaging or signs that would tell you about e-cigs. Even in pharmacies there are not to be any advertisement of these as well which can be a little strange but these are the rules set out by the Australian court.

e cigarettes

Overseas Online Companies Can Sell You Products

If you wanted to try vaping e-cig in Victoria and your local pharmacy didn’t have any of them, then you would have to look online. You can actually still buy electronic cigarettes online as long as they are outside of Australia.see more information at https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/24619857/fact-check-too-soon-to-know-if-e-cigarettes-help-people-quit-smoking/.

You Need To Know the Laws

Whether you plan to give up smoking or just want to move onto e-cigarettes, you do need to know what the laws are. It can be very important so that you can find and safely use e-cigs. You don’t want to break the law and it’s just wise to catch up with the new laws about vaping e-cig in Victoria.

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