Checking the Real E-Cig Risks on Kids in New South Wales

For many people, they want to quit smoking and they look at e-cigarette Australia. Electronic cigarettes do seem to be building a lot of popularity because they look to be the healthier option especially when it comes to quitting smoking. These are simply electronic cigarettes which can be filled with nicotine however they are not traditional cigarettes which mean you are not smoking tobacco. You do not smoke real tobacco and you can even get e-cigs without any nicotine whatsoever. However, what are the real risks with kids when you use these electronic cigarettes?

Lots of Claims

To be honest, recently there have been a great numbers of claims over whether these electronic cigarettes are in fact safe to use around children. Many people believe that these cigarettes are not good because they are showing a bad example to children, however many others also believe that they do not pose any risks to children. What is the truth about New South Wales e-cigarettes?

Safe If Stored Properly

Let’s just say you were to use these e-cigs Australia then hopefully you would know how to store them correctly. If you do store them correctly then they won’t harm a child because the amount of chemicals within these is quite small compared to real cigarettes. However, these can be more than safe to use around children especially if all the children has seen is you smoking real cigarettes. Though, these may pose a risk if you don’t store these correctly and the children get their hands on the liquid contained in the cigarettes. They can be dangerous if a child consumes that but if you store these safely, they pose little risk.check more risks at

There Needs To Be Proper Security with These

Whether a child is five or fifteen, every parent should be watching their child closely especially when you look to buy e-cigarettes in New South Wales. Children can often get their hands on anything dangerous including these e-cigs and if they were to drink or consume the liquid then it can poison them and do serious health damage to their bodies. It could be enough to kill them, so there does need to be excellent parental supervision with children being around electronic cigarettes.

E-Cig New South Wales Can Be both Safe and Dangerous

E-cigs with children don’t need to be dangerous, not if there is proper education about how to store and how to use these. Children should of course learn that they are not toys and can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly. The big effect or risk on children is that parent leave the electronic cigarettes out and about and leave the refills out in easy to reach which can mean children play around with these and end up consuming the liquid. This is the real and the biggest risk when it comes to children being around electronic cigarettes.

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All E-Cigs Need To Be Used Carefully

It will be more than important to ensure that all e-cigs are stores correctly and is safely away from children too. Most of the times, the risks are very small but there are always going to be risks associated with any type of cigarettes even electronic. However, if you can know what the risks are, hopefully you can avoid bringing any harm or risk to your children when using an e-cig New South Wales.

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